Justice Department Lawyers in Early Stages of Preparing Antitrust Suit Against Apple – Politico

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The DOJ is in the early stages of drafting a possible antitrust suit against Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), according to a report from Politico on Friday.

The publication revealed, citing sources with knowledge of the matter, that Justice Department lawyers are in the early stages of preparing a possible antitrust complaint against Apple, a move they claim is a sign that a long-running investigation may be reaching a decision point.

The antitrust division is hoping to file the suit by the end of the year, it is claimed, with prosecutors assembling the pieces needed. However, they caution that the Justice Department has made no firm decision on whether or when to sue Apple, and it’s possible no case will be filed.

If a case were to be brought, it would add to a long list of legal issues for the technology powerhouse and be amongst several cases against some of the US’ most prominent tech companies.

Since 2019, the Justice Department has been looking into claims that Apple used its market dominance to hinder smaller tech firms, including app developers and rival hardware manufacturers.

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