NewsWatch: The bull market in stocks may last up to five years — here are six reasons why

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The economy is booming, earnings are rising, and the Federal Reserve is giving unprecedented support. See full story.

Yellen keeps up push for greater U.S. climate-change regulation, rebuffing concerns of Republicans

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will lead an effort across U.S. financial regulators to better scrutinize the potential of climate-change risk. See full story.

Corporate profits are hitting record highs, but earnings expectations may still be too low

Expectations for the corporate earnings reporting season that kicks off in the week ahead have already increased by a record amount, but it still might not be enough. See full story.

A chief risk officer offers the simplest way to fight back against stock-market memes

Meme risk cannot be modeled, but it can be managed. See full story.

‘The language of consumer debt is rife with moral undertones’: Read MarketWatch’s new ‘Extra Credit’ column

This week, we look at student-loan borrowers who could miss out on the child tax credit, the perils of income-sharing agreements, baby-bond accounts — and more. See full story.


‘My credit is excellent, so we bought our home on my credit. His credit is poor — he has high utilization and late payments.’ See full story.

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