NewsWatch: Here’s Jim Cramer’s theory of the emerging strategy at GameStop as its chief financial officer exits

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Apart from the wild stock-price moves, GameStop does have an underlying business, and it’s clear that the videogames retailer is trying to change direction. See full story.

Why you should ‘just forget about what’s next’ and stick with your favorite growth stocks, says this analyst

Stocks rallied on Wednesday, as Federal Reserve officials made it clear they would keep monetary policy loose despite concerns about inflation, and markets may carry that momentum into Thursday. See full story.

Charlie Munger says it’s ‘really stupid to have a culture which encourages [so] much gambling in stocks’

Warren Buffett’s business partner and vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, in a Wednesday interview with Yahoo Finance, said the GameStop chaos was encouraged by a gambling mentality on Wall Street. See full story.

Airbnb’s first earnings since IPO could be a bellwether for the travel industry in 2021

Airbnb Inc.’s business was decimated by the coronavirus pandemic, but quickly rebounded to the point that it had one of the biggest initial public offerings of 2020. Now, it’s time to find out what is expected for 2021. See full story.

A crypto-influenced boom amid a chip shortage? Sounds familiar, but Nvidia says it ‘feels very different’

Amid another semiconductor shortage, combined with a mini boom for chips used in crypto mining, Nvidia Corp. believes it will be able to handle the competing demands of its data center customers, gamers, and crypto-miners. See full story.


One student-loan borrower is slated to pay off her debt when she’s 87, despite a career in public service. See full story.

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