NewsWatch: ‘Job growth has seriously slowed’ — economists react to ‘disappointing’ November employment report

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Here are some initial reactions from economists and other analysts in the wake of Friday’s disappointing jobs report covering November. See full story.

Where’s the stock market going next? Look at the 1960s for an answer, says a Fidelity strategist

What’s striking is that the stock market after the global financial crisis is closely tracking the bull markets between 1949 and 1968, and the one between 1982 and 2000. See full story.

It’s time for stock market investors to get in caution mode, and here’s how to prepare for it

There are several key signs, among them excessive bullishness. See full story.

Tesla stock notches record close after Goldman Sachs upgrade

Tesla Inc. stock settled at a record Thursday, boosted by an about-face from analysts at Goldman Sachs. See full story.

France threatens to veto a U.K.-EU Brexit deal it wouldn’t like — here’s why it’s unlikely to come to this

European Union and U.K. negotiators are still hard at work, with just a few days left to strike a deal. See full story.


‘We still have 10 million jobs that we have to make up to recover from the COVID recession,’ said Ernie Tedeschi, a former economic advisor to the Obama administration. See full story.

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