The Margin: ‘Thanks to everyone who worked the pole tonight’ — Trump’s typo brings comic relief to tense election night

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Closed poles?


Poles everywhere: Don’t drag us into this.

But that’s exactly what President Donald Trump did Tuesday night when he fired off a tweet accusing Democrats, without offering any evidence, of trying to “STEAL the Election.”

For his critics, this typo was just a bonus:

Of course, Trump was referring to the “polls,” as in polling booths, not natives of Poland, Santa’s home or what you might find in a strip club. He deleted the initial tweet, but that didn’t stop Twitter’s TWTR, +5.72% peanut gallery from making “Poles” a trending topic:

Trump put up another tweet with the correct spelling, and it was quickly flagged by Twitter as “disputed” and potentially “misleading” about the election.

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