Personal Finance Daily: 3 important things to know about remdesivir and your complete guide to voting in person — early or on Election Day

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Broadway is closed, but this wine club can give you a taste

Club members get Broadway-related perks, including the opportunity to connect (virtually, for now) with wine-loving theatrical stars.

Even amid pandemic-induced closures, new restaurants are opening — with an eye on safety

There’s no question that restaurants and food businesses look different than they used to — diners sit in the middle of city streets and parking lots while shoppers line up six feet apart to get their produce at farmers markets.

3 important things to know about remdesivir, the first FDA-approved coronavirus treatment

The drug, now called Veklury, is the first coronavirus treatment to receive full approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Many workers have no idea their employers are offering this democracy-boosting perk, survey suggests

‘It’s not unusual for people not to be aware of the specifics they are being afforded by their employers, sadly.’

Trump raises alarm about suicides during the pandemic — but an increase isn’t ‘inevitable,’ one report says

Increased suicide rate during COVID-19 isn’t a ‘foregone conclusion,’ a journal article says.

‘Informed voters cannot be suppressed voters.’ Your complete guide to voting in person — early or on Election Day

What to know about requesting provisional ballots, taking ballot selfies, and voter intimidation.

Trump has faced a decade-long tax audit — here’s how long IRS audits usually take and which taxpayers are most likely to get audited

President Trump has described his audit as ‘very routine,’ but legal experts say it is quite unusual.

Weekend reads: 2 lessons to help you invest better

Also, COVID-19 vaccine deployment, municipal bonds and better index funds.

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Last debate not ‘real game changer’ as Biden speaks on coronavirus, Trump stumps in Florida

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are hitting the final stretch of the race for the White House, after analysts said Thursday night’s debate wasn’t a game changer with 11 days remaining in the contest.

Trump, Biden debate pitches fail to make mark with these Pennsylvania voters

Despite a more civil and often substantive discussion of important issues for voters in the Keystone State than in the first presidential debate earlier this month, voters there told MarketWatch that the proceeding did little to change their minds, just 12 days from Election Day.

White House, Pelosi keep hope alive publicly on fiscal stimulus as time runs out

The White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi maintained their upbeat public prospects for a fiscal stimulus package Friday, even as time has dwindled almost completely for any chance it could be acted on by Nov. 3.

Here are the Senate races to watch, as Democrats battle to take control from Republicans

If Democrats take control of the U.S. Senate, that could shake up key sectors such as tech, health care, finance and energy — especially if the Nov. 3 election brings a “blue wave” that puts Joe Biden in the White House.

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