Personal Finance Daily: The number of Americans skipping mortgage payments drops for the first time since March and delaying graduation could have long-term financial consequences

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Personal Finance
The number of Americans skipping mortgage payments drops for the first time since March

A smaller share of home loans are now in forbearance, but that could change if government assistance dries up.

As coronavirus cases surge, California is the latest state to require face masks — why other states may want to follow its lead

A recent study looked at the effect of orders requiring face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Thousands of restaurants reopen and riders return to subways as New York City enters Phase 2

New York state has gone from the deadly U.S. epicenter of the pandemic to a state with enviable statistics.

How America perfected the ‘art of demonizing black men’

George Floyd’s death and other such incidents represent a moment that Americans should not just walk away from.

5 critical mistakes that created the biggest public-health crisis in a generation

100 days of the COVID-19 pandemic: Don’t wear a mask! Everyone should wear masks!

‘We are filling the stockpile in anticipation of a possible problem in the fall’: Government preparing for coronavirus second wave

Coronavirus cases in the U.S. have surpassed 2.2 million, and there are record daily highs in half-a-dozen states.

A dilemma facing college students during the pandemic: Delaying graduation could have long-term financial consequences

New survey data suggest that the pandemic is making it harder for low-income students to graduate

Your blood type may determine your odds of contracting the coronavirus, study finds

People with Type A blood were ‘associated with’ a 45% ‘higher risk of acquiring COVID-19’ compared to people with other blood types, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found.

Existing-home sales drop in May, but signs point to a big rebound in the real-estate market this summer

‘The leading indicators for home sales are soaring.’

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
SEC’s regulatory work could be hamstrung by leadership change with Clayton set to exit, analyst says

The Securities and Exchange Commission is likely to be hampered by the Trump administration’s move to nominate SEC Chairman Jay Clayton for U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, according to one analyst.

Sarah Sanders says Mick Mulvaney once called John Bolton a ‘self-righteous, self-centered son of a b—-’

The former White House press secretary rips Bolton in her upcoming memoir. Bolton’s own tell-all hits Tuesday.

He’s 34 years old and owns $550 million worth of Apple — so why is he hoping the stock gets hammered, again?

“I learned from dad when I was 13. He showed me a chart comparing real estate to stock market returns, and it was really easy decision. I’ve been doing it ever since,” he said. “But it’s hard for me to find things I like and find attractive.”

Here’s the secret sauce to handle the stock market’s election and virus fears

Proper risk management — of which there are at least 12 examples — should be high on investors’ list.

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