The Margin: Trump explains West Point ramp walk: I’m not going to fall for ‘fake news’

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Hey, it was slippery.

That’s President Trump’s defense for his extremely careful stroll down a ramp that blew up on Twitter TWTR, +1.12% over the weekend after his West Point commencement speech.

Here’s his full explanation, fired off in a late Saturday night tweet:

This is the footage he was referring to — it went viral over the weekend:

That stroll took place after Trump congratulated graduating cadets and touted his rebuilding of the military. “This premier military academy produces only the best of the best, the strongest of the strong and the bravest of the brave,” Trump said Saturday. “West Point is a universal symbol of American gallantry, loyalty, devotion, discipline and great skill.”

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It didn’t take long for hashtags “TrumpIsUnwell” and “TRUMPstroke” to dominate Twitter.

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