NewsWatch: Man who warned of the coronavirus crisis months ago says ‘gut’ tells him ‘a 50% or deeper decline,’ in stock market from the February top likely

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The billionaire hedge-fund manager Paul Singer says that America could be facing the deepest recession since the Great Depression. See full story.

Why an analyst bullish on Gilead says antiviral drug ‘won’t solve’ COVID-19

“Did remdesivir just ‘solve’ COVID? No,” says Umer Raffat, an analyst at Evercore ISI. See full story.

Age is best explainer of coronavirus infection differences between countries but there is another surprising factor

Scan the list of the countries hit by coronavirus and one thing stands out — how few emerging markets there are. One analyst examines why. See full story.

Fool me twice? For businesses and consumers, coronavirus is the financial crisis all over again

As the coronavirus outbreak claims lives, jobs, and mental health, Americans are asking big questions about the post-pandemic world. Will we work from home more? Will it be safe to travel? To go to theaters and restaurants and gyms? Should I finally get around to writing my will? See full story.

The IRS is sending $1,200 stimulus checks to dead people

More than 80 million Americans are expected to get their stimulus money this week, according to the Treasury Department. See full story.


Also, a look at how life and business will change after the economy reopens. See full story.

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