Personal Finance Daily: These gig-economy jobs can provide extra income without having to leave home during the coronavirus pandemic, and what the $2 trillion stimulus means for you

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Regulators urge banks and credit unions to consider offering small-dollar loans — consumer advocates call it a ‘terrible idea’

Banking regulators say banks and credit unions should offer small-dollar loans to customers in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

‘We needed each other in this crazy mess.’ Is it a good time to rescue a dog during the coronavirus lockdown?

Animal rescues are seeing a spike in adoptions and fosters, but what will happen when people eventually go back to work?

These gig economy jobs can provide extra income without having to leave home during the coronavirus pandemic

As layoffs mount, Americans may be turning to gig work for quick money.

‘They asked me to come in and talk — and I knew.’ Like millions of Americans, this 26-year-old lost her job due to coronavirus

Social distancing and shelter in place orders are taking their toll on jobs in industries like entertainment, retail and hospitality.

What the $2 trillion stimulus means for you — and how the ‘recovery rebates’ to households will be calculated

The Senate voted late Wednesday to pass the historic bill. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has pledged to quickly pass the measure in the House.

Why you may still be working from home after the coronavirus crisis is over

COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on traditional office hours.

‘I’ve been a labor economist for a very long time — and have never seen anything like this.’ Jobless claims rise nearly 1,500% in 3 weeks

‘This is just the tip of the iceberg.’

Coronavirus has killed over 1,000 Americans. How do you choose between saving the U.S. economy and sparing lives?

President Trump warns of ‘suicides,’ and Bill Gates talks of ‘pile of bodies,’ but they’ve both touched upon an economic term known as the Identifiable Victim Effect.

‘All they care about is making money.’ My manager told me to remove my face mask at work. Do face masks work?

‘Wearing the mask makes me feel safer and helps to guard me against coronavirus. It does not interfere with my ability to do my job.’

One of my coworkers was diagnosed with coronavirus, but the office was not cleaned. Can I be fired for refusing to go in?

‘The owner is also seeing patients that are from Lakewood, N.J., one of the hot spots for the virus, and they are not using any precautions.’

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‘Reopen America’ by Easter? This staggering chart shows why that could be ‘an error of epic proportions’

President Trump this week pointed to Easter Sunday as a “beautiful” target date for the United States to get back to business, with “packed churches all over our country.” This New York Times chart shows it would be anything but beautiful.

Millions more U.S. jobs at risk of being lost as coronavirus crisis deepens

If a record 3.3 million jobless claims in just one week comes as a shock, the next month is likely to tell an even grimmer tale: Tens of millions of jobs are at stake of disappearing, at least temporarily.

Schumer says coronavirus stimulus package won’t provide aid to Trump family’s businesses

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer’s provision aims to ban Treasury Department aid to businesses controlled by President Donald Trump or other top Washington officials.

Groups against Trump’s oil boost and hopeful for emissions contingencies consider coronavirus bill a wash

The $2 trillion coronavirus relief package passed by the Senate, now awaiting the House vote and President Trump’s signature, produced a mixed result as far as leading environmental advocates are concerned.

Trump wants to rank counties as high- or low-risk, as he suggests state, local officials could boost or relax social-distancing measures

President Trump reveals plan in letter to governors after administration officials earlier this week said advisories could be loosened in areas not experiencing widespread infection.

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