NewsWatch: When to buy during an ugly stock market rout? These charts have the answers.

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Our call of the day says it doesn’t matter when you buy in turbulent stock markets. History shows you should. Here’s how. See full story.

How a ‘disorderly’ U.S. dollar is amplifying the stock-market rout and adding to volatility

The U.S. dollar continues to soar against practically everything as liquidity starved investors around the world scramble for greenbacks. That’s not helping. See full story.

Any corporate bailouts should wipe out shareholders first

We are being told that we must give billions of dollars to big companies or the world will end. It’s not so. See full story.

Whole Foods joins growing rank of grocers offering special senior hours to minimize virus exposure

Whole Foods Market on Wednesday joined a growing number of grocery stores in adjusting its hours of operation and setting aside a special time for seniors to shop, so they’re less exposed to the coronavirus. See full story.

Here’s why Square could be seen as a ‘proxy’ for the most vulnerable businesses

“We would expect Square to be disproportionately impacted from a likely wide spread of COVID-19 in the United States,” a Citi analyst wrote. See full story.


‘It is the invisibility of the threat that sparks the urge to identify with the folly of individual invincibility.’ See full story.

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