NewsWatch: Why would the Fed cut interest rates a 3rd time in a row even as stocks near records? Investors may soon find out

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A scant few think that Jerome Powell & Co. will opt not to cut interest rates next week for a third time in as many gatherings of the rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee on Wednesday. See full story.

‘Carnage awaits’ investors, if this chart is anything to go by

The doom-and-gloom crew has been drawing lines between the dot-com bubble and the current market climate for a while now. With stocks banging out record highs, those forecasting a collapse can’t catch a break. But they keep trying See full story.

Two struggling industries could demolish tech’s earnings season

Mixed signals from the companies that make core internal components of tech hardware — memory chips and storage devices — are fueling expectations for another sluggish third quarter for much of the tech, with the exception of the internet and social media giants. See full story.

Tesla’s solar-roof sales will grow ‘like kelp on steroids,’ Musk vows

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk on Friday unveiled the electric-car company’s new solar-paneled roofs and said he expects to be fitting more than 1,000 a week within short order. See full story.

Signs of stress in leveraged credit are ‘numerous and multiplying,’ warns Bank of America

Credit conditions are getting tighter and downgrades more frequent in the roughly $1.2 trillion U.S. leveraged loan sector, all signs that excesses of the past decade are ‘coming home to roost,’ according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts See full story.


Use honest, clear communication to weather professional and emotional storms, writes Jennifer Petriglieri. See full story.

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