Personal Finance Daily: One woman looking for healthy ‘poor people meals’ and suicide rates for young Americans are soaring by more than 50% over 10 years

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This 29-year-old woman lost her job and is looking for healthy ‘poor people meals’

Here’s what Reddit users and nutrition experts say she should eat on a budget

Here’s what you need to earn to crack the 1%, according to latest IRS data

According to the latest IRS data cited by Bloomberg, it took earnings of $515,371 in 2017 to crack into the top 1%, a rise of 7.2% from the year prior, even after adjusting for inflation. Since 2011, when the Occupy Wall Street protests were raging, the threshold to break out of the 99% has risen an inflation-adjusted 33%.

My father’s estate is worth $2 million, but he says our stepmother will take care of us financially after he’s gone

‘He is under the assumption that everything will work out once he dies — and he trusts his wife, our stepmom, to leave us the inheritance.’

White workers are more likely than black or Latino Americans to have a good job — even with the same level of education

A report from Georgetown University and JPMorgan Chase says people of color face ‘discrimination, racism and other injustices.’

Suicide rate among young Americans soars by more than 50% over 10 years

Anxiety and depression are on the rise among American teenagers.

‘Dieting made me fat!’ This mom says she went from drinking diet shakes to making six figures as a healthy-living YouTube star

‘Clean & Delicious’ producer Dani Spies just broke 1 million subscribers.

Apple and Goldman Sachs don’t report Apple Card information to credit bureaus

Credit-card experts say the choice not to begin reporting to credit bureaus immediately is unusual.

I was tricked out of $62,000 by my Russian friend who claimed to be a German heiress

‘She was weirdly socially inept, but also very charismatic.’

Twice as many copies of the Constitution have sold during Trump’s presidency as during Obama’s first term

Though sales have been brisk throughout the Trump era, they’ve surged during certain events, according to NPD Bookscan.

Jennifer Aniston declined my ‘Friends’ request — but she racked up 10M followers on Instagram in 2 days

‘Friends’ celebrated its 25th anniversary last month, but the actress who played Rachel Green still doesn’t do Facebook.

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Trump calls Turkey’s Syria cease-fire an ‘amazing outcome’

President Donald Trump hailed a five-day cease-fire in northern Syria announced by Vice President Mike Pence, even as Turkey disputed the term and said a pause in Ankara’s military operations depended on Kurdish forces leaving a safe zone.

U.K. agrees to best of worst possible Brexit deals

Boris Johnson has signed a deal he said he didn’t need, creating a border he didn’t want, under the authority of a Court he didn’t accept, to be submitted to a Parliament he doesn’t control.

Trump’s Doral golf resort in Miami chosen for G7 summit

Next year’s Group of Seven summit will be held at President Donald Trump’s golf resort in Miami, the White House announced Thursday, as a top official said the president would not profit from the event.

House may pass Pelosi’s drug-pricing bill this month, but it looks ‘dead on arrival’ in Republican-run Senate

While the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives may pass the Lower Drug Costs Now Act by the end of this month, analysts say the bill isn’t likely to get the support of the Republican-run Senate and President Donald Trump.

This little-known recession indicator is now sending investors and consumers a warning

Two gauges of U.S. economic health are telling different stories — and that’s troubling, writes Mark Hulbert.

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