The Margin: Bill O’Reilly calls out Beto O’Rourke for lying — he probably wishes he didn’t

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Presidential hopeful and former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke, in a seemingly innocuous comment made during Tuesday night’s debate, said he had met a woman who was working four jobs to support her special needs child.

He was responding to a question of whether a wealth tax, a hot-button topic ahead of the 2020 election, is the best way to deal with income inequality.

“She wants to know how we are going to help her, how we’re going to make sure that her child has the care that she needs, that we strengthen protections for those with disabilities, that she just has to work one job because it pays a living wage,” O’Rourke said. This seemed to rile up Bill O’Reilly:

It didn’t take long for O’Rourke’s digital director to fire back:

And then O’Rourke himself:

From there, the interaction took on a Twitter TWTR, -1.28% life of its own, with the internet dragging O’Reilly over his history of sexual assault allegations and subsequent settlements that led to his leaving Fox News in 2017 as well as for his being detached from the real world and real financial problems.

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