NewsWatch: The S&P 500 may be ‘one decent day of gains’ away from a ‘breakout’

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One newsletter writer says if the 3020 level on the S&P 500 (TICKER:SPX)  is broken to the upside — “one decent day of gains” — the index would confirm the ‘breakout’. See full story.

China vows ‘strong countermeasures’ in wake of U.S. bill supporting Hong Kong protesters

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson has warned of “strong countermeasures” against the U.S. that if it passes three bills aimed at supporting Hong Kong protesters. See full story.

Here’s how 2020 Democrats attacked new front-runner Elizabeth Warren at the Ohio debate

With Elizabeth Warren challenging Joe Biden this month for the front-runner label, she was expected to get extra attention at Tuesday night’s debate in Ohio. Her fellow 2020 Democrats provided her with exactly that. See full story.

Trump in a landslide? This historically accurate model predicts exactly that

President Donald Trump has a love/hate relationship with polls, surveys and predictions. He loves the ones that paint him in a positive light, and, of course, he hates all those “fake” ones that don’t. He’s going to absolutely adore this one. See full story.

AMC Theatres launches streaming service in latest blow to Netflix

AMC Theatres, the biggest cinema chain in the world, said Tuesday it is launching a streaming service that will allow members of its loyalty program to rent or buy films and watch them at home, the first such offering from a cinema operator. See full story.


Geopolitical news, including Brexit and trade conflict between the U.S. and other countries, have continued to cast clouds. See full story.

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