Top Ten: Weekend roundup: Money advice for daughters vs. sons | Retiring in Portugal | Biotechs, Netflix and pot stocks

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Even if an article isn’t pointing directly at you, it may speak to your loved ones.

Mitch Tuchman believes women need different financial advice from men — and it’s not because of any difference in ability. So read the advice Tuchman gives his daughter. Do you agree?

Here are more great reads from MarketWatch this week.

Inside looks at retiring in Portugal and Albuquerque

Tricia Pimental talks about what her retirement life in Portugal is like, including how she pays for it.

Closer to home, Roberta Reinstein describes how a happy move from San Francisco to Albuquerque also let her slash expenses 70%. Her biggest expense? Boarding two horses.

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Buy biotech stocks

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is now in the lead for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to five of seven national polls. Her health-care proposals have been bad news for biotech stocks, but Michael Brush says that’s now created an opportunity for investors. Here’s his list of biotechs to buy now.

More from Michael Brush: 5 reasons why gold is still worth owning

Dump Netflix?

These bears say the stock NFLX, +2.01% is still insanely overvalued — and that’s after a 30% drop in three months.

Buy China before you miss out

Jeff Reeves believes investors should scoop up ETFs that hold Chinese stocks or certain individual stocks before an inevitable rebound begins.

The pot sector is cracking

This has been a brutal week for marijuana stocks. See Hexo HEXO, -5.47%. And the end of a deal involving MedMen Enterprises MMNFF, +1.63%  .

But, hey, Mitch McConnell has been quietly meeting with pot execs.

A financial success story

Yanely Espinal describes how a financial education in her 20s took her from debt to solvency to success in just a few years.

Charting the challenge: This is why Americans have so much trouble saving money

Pension problems

General Electric GE, +4.38%  froze pension benefits for 20,000 employees in part because its assumptions about investment returns haven’t panned out. Alessandra Malito has advice on what to do if something similar happens to you, and Howard Gold describes how you can create your own pension plan.

A magic word for airlines

One word can make air travelers more likely to spend more on tickets.

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