NewsWatch: The dollar is doomed — but may pay off when the next bubble takes hold, warns Jim Rogers

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Famed investor Jim Rogers says dollar fundamentals are “horrible,” but he’s buying it to get ready to profit on the currency’s last-gasp rally. See full story.

Duke professor who uncovered yield-curve indicator says next recession won’t be so bad

Campbell Harvey of Research Affiliates says the next recession will be much more shallow than the last downturn if only because investors expect it this time around. See full story.

The GM strike is really about the switch to electric cars

Auto-assembly workers are in a difficult position — fewer of them will be needed. See full story.

California’s landmark privacy law: What it does, what has changed and what it means for investors

Despite a last-minute push by Big Tech to water down the nation’s first-ever privacy law, six bills tacked onto California Consumer Privacy Act do not fundamentally change it. See full story.

Nearly 2 years into early retirement, here’s all that I’ve gotten wrong

Now the only thing I feel comfortable predicting with confidence is that my future will end up differently than I would have predicted, writes Chris Mamula. See full story.


‘We went to couple’s counseling and decided to stay together, but his lies and deception have taken a toll on our marriage.’ See full story.

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